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A message from the original founder of Matt Blazi - Why WGON Zombie Well I figured that all other Dawn of the Dead sites really told the same thing, I decided to be a little different put a theme from the movie on the site and base the site around that theme. The TV station from the beginning of the film was an integral part of the whole film. If Stephen had not been a traffic reporter, then nobody could have escaped and Dawn of the Dead wouldn't have happened.

Plus I was curious as to how the station would be reporting on the zombie crisis if it were set in today's time. How would a news station, with today's technology deal with this crisis. Knowing how TV is today, all about the ratings, they would send out their best reporters to get a first hand look at the situation.

Thanks to all who continue to contribute to this site, starting with the founder of Matt Blazi, A massive thanks to the following contributors
Spooky Daz Sargeant who rebuilt this website and continues to maintain it, Michael E Smith, Peter Schöfböck, Trashfellow, Lawrence DeVincentz, Dave Blessington, Marc Freudstein Küchemann , George Forrest & Peter Johnson, Their contributions as WGON Reporters make this one of the best Dawn of the Dead sites on the web.

For more Dawn of the dead mayhem check out Norman England's Zombie Farm. Normans website was one of the original Dawn websites that inspired us all. Also Checkout another long running site Eric Kent's Mall of the Dead. Then click here --> to join the best Dawn of the Dead Facebook page!.

We are staying on the air!!!