DAWN OF THE DEAD Anchor Bay Directors Cut VHS

DAWN OF THE DEAD Anchor Bay Directors Cut VHS

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The longest cut of the film to date. About 11 minutes longer then the Theatrical Version this shows us more scenes where our heroes buy some gasoline, do some more shopping etc. Presented in Widescreen format this is a crisp, clear transfer from the original. The soundtrack in This version is also altered. Not as much Goblin as Argento’s but more stock music, almost all of the music is changed in this version. This 2 tape VHS version has the film on tape 1 and foreign and domestic trailers on the second tape.

Release Date: 1997
Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Length: 137 min
Format: VHS

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Origin : United States

Format : VHS

Distributor : ANCHOR BAY

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